The Guezou Centre for Computer Science (Computer Centre) was established in the year 1988 with ten personal computers and an UNIX based minicomputer. Now it has 540 latest computers connected with windows servers, data base server, E-learn server, E-mail server, web server and Linux server.
The Director of Computer Centre monitors and theSystems Administrator executes the various technical issues of the transaction of the computer centre. They maintain 134 Computers, 49 Laptop Computers and VisualAids such as OHP, LCD Projector, and interactive white board are provided to different segments of the college.All the departments, the administrative offices, library and the hostels have been provided with internet and intranet using fiber optic cables.
The Guezou Computer Academy (GCA) offers Certificate Courses beyond the Curriculum for the students of various departments of the College. These courses are the immediate needs for the students for special purposes. The GCA laboratory is meant for the GCA students there are twenty computers with internet connection.The Digital Multimedia Theatre(DMT) and the presentation hall are used for computer based demonstration, tutorials, on-line education and interactive learning experiences. The digital multimedia theatre is an air-conditioned hall and equipped with an LCD projector, digital theatre surrounding (DTS) sound system with DVD player, mixer, amplifier and a computer. This theatre accommodates about 100 persons at a time.
Thepresentation hall is equipped with an LCD projector connected with a computer. This hall accommodates 60 persons.The auditorium, which can accommodate 700 persons, is also used for special occasions like seminar / presentation / demonstration / awareness programmes. The college has a separate browsing centre for all the students. Browsing /downloading / CD writing / printing and other facilities are available. There are Forty Eight workstations working with Linux/Windows. (internet. connections are through leased line connection by BSNL with a speed of 2 mbps)

Mr. V. Thomas Immanuel Director
Mr. S. Mathias System Admin
Mr.A. Thomas Fernando Technical Assistant
Mr. A. Amala Suresh Lab Assistant
Mr. S. Samuel Lab Assistant
Mr. S. Sakthi Lab Assistant
Mr. Stephen Lab Assistant
Mr. A. Savari Muthu Felix Lab Assistant
Mr. A. Vijay Lab Assistant
Mr. B. Martin Lab Assistant
Maintenance Of Instrument

The College has established a unit called Instrument Maintenance Facility (IMF) and appointed qualified people to support their efforts to maintain the infrastructure. The same facility was approved by UGC which has provided grant for the purchase of essential tools/equipment for repair and maintenance of electronic hardware. The grant also covers salary of three qualified persons for a period of five years. The IMF acts as an essential support system to provide effective and efficient maintenance of scientific instruments and electronic hardware. It also maximizes efficiency through need-based training and documentation in the repair and maintenance of scientific instruments and electronic hardware.

IMF Staff
Fr. Canisias Jeffery Jegan System Analyst
Mr. S. Thirumal Technical Assistant
Mr. D. Xavier Selvakumar Technical Assistant
Mr. V. Solarajan Technical Assistant