Financial Support

The greatest strength of the Sacred Heart College is that it does not collect any capitation fee for any course. At the same time financial support is given through scholarships and fee concessions to the deserving students. The scholarship is a source of encouragement given to the students. The magnitude, the variety and the number of scholarships given by the college are amazing. Students who do not get any scholarship are very few in number.

Name of the Scholarships
  1. SC, SCC & ST Scholarship
  2. BC, MBC Scholarship
  3. SC, SCC & ST Higher Educatinal Special Scholarship
  4. Adi Dravidar Dept. Gandhi Prize Money Award Scholarship
  5. Adi Dravidar Dept. Chief Minister Award Scholarship
  6. Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students
  7. NSP - Minority Dept. - Post Matric Scholarship
  8. NSP - Minority Dept. - Merit Cum Means Scholarship
  9. NSP - Post Matric Scheme for Award of Scholarships under Beedi Workers Welfare Fund
  10. NSP - Post Matric Scholarships for Students with Disabilities
  11. NSP - Umbrella Scheme for Education of ST Children - Post Matric Scholarship (PMS) for ST Students
  12. DCE - Ph.D. Full Time Scholar Stipend Scholarship
  13. Adi Dravidar Dept. - Ph.D. Scholarship
Management Scholarships
Works Scholarships

Earn while you learn is practiced in many of the countries abroad but in India most of the students even in higher education heavily dependent on their parents for all their expenses. Often the students are not even responsible for the money they receive from their parents and spent the money on unnecessary things and make their parents to bear the burden. In order to give some opportunity to the students to earn while they learn in the College, we have introduced the work scholarship programme with its own fund. The Salesian province of Chennai allots every year Rs.2 lakhs to the deserving students of the college. The scheme is called DB scholarship. Besides the above, 'Rector's Scholarship' is also available to the poor and needy students.

Endowment Scholarships

There are 88 endowment scholarships created by former staff members, former students and well-wishers to the tune of Rs. 9,78441 as deposits. The interest accrued from it is given as scholarship.

Research Scholarships

One endowment scholarship created by former staff member.

Fee Concessions

In spite of the many scholarships available for the students, some are unable to pay the fees and they are given fee-concession.