Major and Minor Projects
# Name of Principal Investigator Department Duration Name of the Research Project Funding Agency Year of Sanction Project Type
1 Dr. M Wilson Bosco Paul Chemistry 2 years Development of Metal Complexes using Compartmental ligands bridged with fluorescent probes UGC 2017  
2 Dr. K.A.Maria John Joseph Commerce 2 years The impact of group based microfinance scheme on rural households in vellore district UGC 2017  
3 Dr. Jacob Stanley Inbaraj Economics 2 years Feasibility and pertinence of precision farming in vellore district of Tamilnadu UGC 2017  
4 R. Jude Vimal Michael Chemistry 2 years Spectroscopic evaluation of novel semiconductor nanomaterial architectures and their catalytic and energy conversion application UGC 2017  
5 Dr. M Jose Physics 2 years Investigation of third order non-linearity of DSTMS single crystals using Z-scan technique UGC 2017  
6 Dr. S. Sagayaraj Computer Science 2 years Automatic clustering for user personalization in semantic web services created by converting web services and reusing for academic and software development UGC 2017  
7 Dr. P. Balasubramanian Tamil 2 years A study on the contemporary neithal literary works in the southern parts of Tamilnadu and the lives of the fishermen community UGC 2017  
8 Dr. G. Mohan Gandhi   2 years Myth and Archaeology Evidences in the Religious Belief of Yelagiri Tribal People UGC 2017  
9 Dr Nahren Manuel Mascarenhas Chemistry 3 years Multistage modelling of gain mechanistic insights into glucose transporters SERB 2017  
10 Dr. J Henry Rozario MSW 3 years Enhancing employability skills among student youth Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development 2016  
11 Dr. Niyas Ahamed Bio-chemistry 3 years Safety evaluation of nanoscale zero-valent iron (NZVI) towards soil and aquatic organism with special orientation of Indian scenario SERB 2015  
12 Dr. V Balaji Mathematics 2 years Application of graph labelibing (skolem mean labelin G)in communication networks UGC 2015  
13 Mr. M Antony Arockiasamy Mathematics 2 years A study of azyec diamond graphs and diamond stair case graphs with reference to graph labelling UGC 2015  
14 Dr.K Parthibaraja Tamil 3 years Socia- Cultural status of the music drama female artists of Tamilnadu UGC 2015  
15 Dr L Ravi Computer Science 2 years A comprehensive framework for developing multiling UAL ontologies for Tamil literature UGC 2015  
16 Mrs. A. Merceline Anita Mathematics 2 years Human pathology- Medical problem designed using reliability technology UGC 2014  
17 Mr. A. Arokia Nepolean Raj Chemistry 2 years Synthesis and characterization of polyoxometalates within micro emulsion nano reactors for catalytic applications UGC 2014  
18 Dr. T Jeyabalan Chemistry 2 years Synthesis and characterization of multi component polyoxometalates- an ecofriendly catalysis UGC 2014  
19 Dr M Jose (PI)
Dr S A Martin Britto Dhas (CI)
Physics 3 years Laser induced growth of 4-(dimethylamino)-N-methyl-4-stilbazolium tosylate crystal for photonic applications DAE-BRNS 2014  
20 Dr. J. Henry Rozario MSW   Skill Development Training Needs Assessment – A Cross Sectional Study of Indian Youth DB Tech, India 2013  
21 Dr. K Parthibaraja Tamil   War Ethics in Sangam Literature – Script Making CICT, Chennai 2013