Dear Sacred Hearts!

I am penning this foreword with a sense of gratitude to all the members of the College Community, for all your excellent support and cooperation, towards completing an event filled year 2019 with great zeal and enthusiasm. God Almighty and our Blessed Mother Mary have blessed us abundantly in 2019 and will guide us in all our endeavours in the New Year 2020. The college has witnessed some important events that will embellish the annals of the college. The Ruby Jubilee celebration of the Department of Social Work is one among them. The establishment of the department in 1979 was due to the vision of the foresighted Salesians of that era. The department has grown from strength from the time of its inception with the committed Salesians, students and professors who have contributed to the long history of the department. I wish that the department will march with excellence towards its Golden Jubilee. We are showcasing ourselves as a college deploying the state of the art technologies in teaching and learning. The application of the indigenously tailored e-Learning platform - MOODLE, is one such initiative. During my recent visit to the United States of America as a Fulbright Scholar between 5th to 19thof October 2019, I found the American Universities were using these technologies in teaching and learning. It was heartening to know that we are in line with international standards, but still, we have to improve in this perspective. The college has established itself as a premier institute in the erstwhile Vellore District, and will be identified as a leading institute in the recently formed Tirupattur District. With a sense of greater responsibility, we have to project the face of the newborn Tirupattur Dis-trict as an educational hub, by leading the way. Faith can move mountains. Believe, really believe you can move mountains. Sometimes the difference between success or failure, confines to one thing Belief. If you don't really believe that you can do something, without your full effort, your chance of achieving your goal greatly reduces. Belief triggers the power to do and hence helps us to reach our destiny. As quoted by the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi “A person is the product of his own thoughts”, we become what we think. Hence, believe big, and set your thermostat forward and accomplish your target. The belief of God in humanity is evident from that He was born as a human being. In this season of Christmas we remember the birth of our Lord. I wish you and your family members, a Merry Christmas and a joyful New Year 2020. May the Lord and our Patron Don Bosco bless all your intentions in this season.
Rev.Dr.D.Maria Antony Raj, SDB

S. No. Name Period
1 Rev.Fr. John Med 1951-1954
2 Rev.Fr. Joseph Murphy 1954-1962
3 Rev.Fr. Vladimir Ondrassek 1962-1964
4 Rev.Fr. Louis Mc Guire 1964-1967
5 Rev.Dr. Abraham Panampara 1967-1973
6 Rev. Dr. George Palakpillil 1973-1977
7 Rev.Dr. Abraham Panampara 1977-1983
8 Rev. Dr. George Palakpillil 1983-1994
9 Rev. Dr. Soundaraj Periyanayagam 1994-2000
10 Rev. Dr. Stanislaus Swaminathan 2000-2003
11 Rev. Dr. Varghese Choorackal 2003-2006
12 Rev. Dr. Antonyraj Chinnappan 2006-2010
13 Rev. Dr. Maria Susai Adaikalasamy 2010-2013
14 Rev. Dr. Varghese Choorackal 2013-2015
15 Rev. Dr. Maria Anthonyraj 2015-Till Date