Fr. Carreno Research Grant for full-time Ph.D students was instituted in the year 2021 to help out the talented Ph.D students to excel in their research.

S.No Year Name of the Scholar Guide Name Department Title of the proposal Amount Sanctioned
1 2022-2023 M. Deepa (DR210302) Dr. S.A. Martin Britto Dhas Physics Impact of Shock waves on the Structural, Electrical and Optical Properties of Technologically Important Organic crystals 35000
2 2022-2023 E. Sathya (DR190402) Dr. V. Colins Arun Prakash Chemistry Development of Nanosized hydroxyapatite used for biomedical applications 40000
3 2022-2023 S. Bharath (DR190404) Dr.T. Jeyabalan Chemistry Synthesis, Characterisation of Hybrid Material and its Applications 40000
4 2022-2023 T. Srivalli (DR210901) Dr. A. Jayaprakash Biochemistry Biodegradation of PHA Naphthalene Ecofriendly Approach For Soil Pollution Mitigation 25000
5 2022-2023 M. Abisha (DR210201) Dr. G. Britto Antony Xavier Mathematics Modelling With Fractional Order Continous And Discrete (Delta) Integrationas 40000
6 2022-2023 e.M Ntshq;fz;zp (DR210801) k. rushNjtp Tamil jpUf;Fws; - jpUtptpypak; Fwpg;gpLk; ,y;ywk; 15000
7 2021 A. Sivakumar Dr. S. A. Martin Britto Dhas Physics Shock wave induced switchable phase Transitions of few metal sulfates Single crystals 49500
8 2021 V. Ragul Dr. I. Niyaz Ahamed Biochemistry Fabrication of plant based Nanomaterial for Wastewater treatment 40000
9 2021 K. Sasi kumar Dr. R. Jude Vimal Michael Chemistry Synthesis and Characterization of metal oxide/metal sulfide nanostructured materials for dye synthesized solar cell applications 30000
10 2021 S. Divya Dr. M. Jose Physics A Photocatalytic application based study using Fe3O4@SiO2 Core shell 38000
11 2021 S.Cathrin Lims Dr. M. Jose Physics Fabrication and Characterization of Zn2SnO4@SiO2 core shell Nanostructures for photocatalytic applications 38000
12 2021 M. Thenmozhi Dr. R. Jude Vimal Michael Chemistry Investigation on Structural, optical properties of Perovskite Structured Materials for Photocatalytic application 30000
13 2021 T.Sathinathan Dr. G. Brito Antony Xavier Mathematics Exterior function and its application in RL circuit 45000
14 2021 V. Rexma Sherine Dr. T. G. Gerly Mathematics Higher order Fibonacci series and its applications in fractional calculus 25000
15 2021 A. Rakini Dr. S. Sasi kumar Management Studies A study on Employees retention in Colleges in Tirupattur Taluk 25000
16 2021 K. Devibala Dr. M. Saraladevi Tamil Gzh;r;rpf; Nfhl;ghLfs; md;Wk ; ,d;Wk 10000