Don Bosco Research grant (for staff) is instituted from the academic year 2017-18 to promote research among the staff in a big way. Staff members are granted this fellowship after initial screening by scrutiny committee appointed by the Principal followed by evaluation by anonymous reviewers and subsequent oral presentation.

S.No Year Name of the PI Department Title of the proposal Amount Sanctioned
1 2022-2024 Dr. P. Kannappan Physics Effect of gamma irradiation on the structural and optical properties of CVT grown ZnS, ZnSe and ZnSXSe1-x single crystals for detector applications 85000
2 2022-2024 Dr. M. Manigandan Microbiology Metagenomic Approach for the Degradation of Plastic Wastes by Plastisphere Microoraganisms 95000
3 2022-2024 Dr. T. Selvam Social Work An Interdisciplinary Study on Data Driven Model Village for Good Governance 50000
4 2022-2024 Mr. R. Alexzander Management Studies The Stimulus of Plastic Money Among Consumers in Selected Villages Salem District, Tamil nadu, India 50000
5 2022-2024 Mr. G. Lawrence Management Studies Workplace Spirituality and Managerial Effectiveness among the Academicians at Higher Education Institutions inTamil Nadu 50000
6 2022-2024 Dr. J. Jacob Stanley Inbaraj Economics An Empirical Evidence of Production and Marketing of Selected Crops during Pre and Post Covid 19 Pandemic Period” 50000
7 2022-2024 Dr. A. Prabu Tamil jpUg;gj;J}h; khtl;lj;jpy; rpWnja;t topghl;L KiwfSk; gz;ghl;L gpd;GyKk; 50000
8 2022-2024 Mr. D. Louis Sahaya Henston English Phonemic Awareness as a Strategy to Enhance Reading Skill among Primary, Middle and Tertiary Level Learners: An Empirical Study 15000
9 2022-2024 Mr. T. Prabakaran Computer Application Multimodal Sentiment System for Analyzing People’s Opinions During the Pandemic (Covid-19) Using Machine Learning Approach 74000
10 2021 - 2023 Dr. S. A. Martin Brotto Dhas Physics Design and development of portable automatic table-top Shock tube 100000
11 2021 - 2023 Dr. I. Niyas Ahamed Biochemistry Value added household waste (kitchen waste) as terrace garden manure with special reference to Idhya Nagar, Tirupattur as pilot study area 65000
12 2021 - 2023 Dr. S. John Sundaram Physics Design of mixed transition metal oxide nanostructures for Photoelectric and Catalytic applications 100000
13 2021 - 2023 Dr. R. Jude Vimal Michael Chemistry Development of novel nonporous materials for renewable energy H2 generation and Solar cell applications 100000
14 2021 - 2023 Dr. A. C. Gomathi Biochemistry Sustainable utilization of Bio waste (Tamarind fruit shell) towards green synthesis: Stabilization of synthesized Silver nanoparticles and its Characterization and utility 80000
15 2021 - 2023 Dr. M. Fernandus Durai Biochemistry Potential use of Biowaste in the production of Biofertilizer with the help of eco friendly micro organism present in the Tirupattur Sacred Heart College Campus humus plants oil 50000
16 2021 - 2023 Dr. D. Ajay Mathematics On averaging and aggregation functions for complex fuzzy sets and their application to smart material and personnel selection in industry 4.0 85000
17 2021 - 2023 Ms. U. Anto Maria Eusobia English Multiple intelligence(MI) Profiling as a strategy to enhance English language proficiency:An empirical study 20000
18 2021 - 2023 Dr. F. Julian Xercies Rigley English Integration technology to engage and enhance learning and testing LSRW skills in an Online Environment 20000
19 2021 - 2023 Dr.S. Alphonsa Mary English Impact of Social media on language teaching and learning (I&S) for rural college students in select colleges in Tamilnadu 20000
20 2021 - 2023 Dr. B. Seenivasan Commerce Paradigm shift in payment system from cash digital in rural and hill area of Tirupattur district-Perspectives, Problems and Prospects 70000
21 2021 - 2023 Dr. A. Royal Edward Williams Economics Economic and ecological aspects of sewage and water bodies: a case study in Tirupattur district of Tamilnadu 70000
22 2021 - 2023 Dr. S. Sasi Kumar Management Studies Psychological Imbalance of Higher Education Students in difficult Times in the college of Tirupattur District 70000
23 2019 - 2021 Neethu Asokan Microbiology Bioremediation of tannery effluent from leather industries in Vaniyambadi Taluk, Vellore District using environmental isolates and it’s applications for Seed Germination 70000
24 2019 - 2021 Dr. A. Poongothai Biochemistry Isolation, characterization and anti Elastase activity of Lantana camera leaves extract from different methods of extractions 85000
25 2019 - 2021 Mrs. C. Elavarasi Chemistry Extraction and isolation of medicinally active ingredients from selective natural products by a novel and cost effective method 70000
26 2019 - 2021 Dr. K. Amala Microbiology Bioelectricity production using Microbial Fuel Cell from Chlorella sp. cultivated in tannery effluent 90000
27 2019 - 2021 Dr. G. Britto Antony Xavier Mathematics Extended Mittag-Leffler(EML) Functions and its Applications in Physical Science 80000
28 2019 - 2021 A. Joshva Victor (PI), Dr. A. Arockia Mary (CI) Business Administration A study on the impact of emotional intelligence on social intelligence among the students studying in autonomous arts and science colleges, Vellore Dt 20000
29 2019 - 2021 Dr. A. Dhayal Raj Physics Vanadium Oxide – Metal Oxide Composite Thin Films for Gas Sensor 48000
30 2018 - 2020 Dr. V. Collins Arun Prakash Chemistry Development of new generation of nanohydroxyapatite powders and its coating for biomedical applications 100000
31 2018 - 2020 Ms.R. Ananthalakshmi Biochemistry Influence of ZnO nanoparticles on the growth attributes of coriander 80000
32 2018 - 2020 Dr.K. Arockia Raj Social Work Pull and push factors for early marriages in Krishnagiri district, in Tamilnadu 52200
33 2018 - 2020 Dr. R. Kurinji Malar Economics Impact of Mgnregp with special reference to Karupanur, Tirupattur taluk of Vellore district of Tamilnadu 22000
34 2018 - 2020 Dr. R. Arockia Mary MBA Parental aspirations and its effects on students higher education academic performance in Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur, Vellore Dt, Tamilnadu, India 19000
35 2017 - 2019 Dr. S. A. Martin Britto Dhas Physics Shock wave assisted leather tanning process- An eco-friendly approach 95000
36 2017 - 2019 Prof. N. Madhavan Physics Thermo Physical analysis of new nonlinear Chalcone Derivative Single crystals 32000
37 2017 - 2019 Prof. G. Jayakumar Physics Synthesis and application of Photocatalytic Cerium oxide nanomaterials for waste water treatment 19000
38 2017 - 2019 Dr.T. Jayabalan Chemistry Synthesis and characterization of Keggin anion doped bio-polymers and its applications 80000
39 2017 - 2019 Dr.I. Niyas Ahamed Biochemistry Protective appraisal of nanofertilizers towards soil and aquatic organism with special orientation to ZnO nanoparticles. 35000
40 2017 - 2019 Dr.V. Durga Devi Biochemistry Characterization and application of the organic solution developed on campus - a field study with floriculture (jasmine) farmers in tirupattur block 46000
41 2017 - 2019 Prof. C.R. Christi Anandan Social Work Role of Value Education in Enhancing Life Skills of Adolescents 26000