AD OMNE OPUS BONUM INSTRUCTI is the motto of our college. Various translations, are possible. 'Ready for every Good Work' is one. Another highly significant translation is that given by Rev. Ronald Knox. 'Every noble task will find him ready for it'. The general end of education at Sacred Heart College is the total development and the integral growth of the human person. To help the young people entrusted to our care to attain their personal growth we strive at:

Developing the intellectual capacity of the students to search for truth and knowledge

Offering possibilities by which the students discern their calling in life

Forming a social consciousness that will make them

Capable of fostering good relationships with others

Open to other cultures and religions

Posses an attitude of solidarity and dialogue, a sense of participation and co-responsibility

Become agents of social change with a preferential option for the poor and the downtrodden

The Coat of arms itself is clear in its significance. The lotus stands for purity and integrity. It is resting on a sea of blue, a colour denoting the Blessed Virgin Mary, the chosen Mother of Jesus Christ. The heart inside a cross is the Heart of Jesus who was crucified to redeem the humankind. The ring of thorns around the Heart tells us that the Heart of Jesus loves us even to the point of suffering. The open book is the symbol of knowledge that the college imparts. Sacred Heart College is named after the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Himself.