Event Details

The valediction ceremony of the 15 Day Micro Enterprise Development Programme (MEDP) Training on Aari and Embroidery work, sponsored by NABARD and executed by NABFINS, was held on the 14th of March 2024 at 1:45 p.m at the Department of Extension Education and Services, Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur. The event marked the successful completion of an enriching training program aimed at enhancing the skills and economic prospects of rural individuals in the field of Aari and Embroidery work.

The ceremony commenced with "Tamilthai Vazthu," paying homage to the rich cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu. Mr. Loganathan, Regional Manager of NABFINS, Krishnagiri, delivered a warm welcome address, expressing gratitude to all participants and stakeholders for their dedication and commitment throughout the program.


Beneficiaries of the training program shared their insightful experiences, reflecting on the knowledge gained and the transformative impact of the training on their livelihoods. Mr. Praveen Babu, DDM at NABARD Salem Cluster Office, elucidated the objectives of the program, emphasizing skill development and rural empowerment as key priorities.

The Presidential address was delivered by Mr. Udayan, Deputy General Manager (DGM) at NABFINS Ltd., Bengaluru, and Mr. Amarnath Mani, Assistant General Manager (AGM) at NABFINS Ltd., Bengaluru. Both speakers commended the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders involved and reiterated the significance of skill enhancement initiatives in fostering sustainable rural development.

Rev. Dr. Shanmugam, Director of DEEDS (Department of Extension Education), presented a felicitation address, acknowledging the dedication and hard work of the organizers, trainers, and participants in making the training program a resounding success.

Certificates were then distributed to the beneficiaries, recognizing their successful completion of the MEDP training program. Mr. Gurupatham, Branch Head of NABFINS, Vellore, extended a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to NABARD, NABFINS, organizers, trainers, and participants for their unwavering support and cooperation.

The valedictory program concluded with the National Anthem, symbolizing unity and patriotism. A group photo session followed, capturing the memorable moments of the event. Additionally, an exhibition showcasing the exquisite Aari and Embroidery work created by the beneficiaries was organized, providing a platform to showcase their newfound skills and craftsmanship to the wider community.

The valediction ceremony served as a testament to the collective efforts and commitment towards empowering rural individuals through skill development initiatives, thereby contributing to the socio-economic upliftment of rural communities.