Event Details

The Department of Commerce (CA) Shift II organized the Industrial Visit on 27th February, 2024 to Parle-G Modern Bakers, Madhavaram, Chennai for the II and III UG students along with 2 faculty members. The provided invaluable insight into the production and manufacturing process of one of India’s leading biscuit manufacturers. The state-of-the-art facility showcased a seamless integration of technology and quality control. The automated production lines and advanced machinery demonstrated Parle-G's commitment to efficiency and precision. The students observed the meticulous packaging process, highlighting the company's dedication to maintaining product freshness. The visit also shed light on Parle-G's sustainable practices, emphasizing waste reduction and energy efficiency. The engaging session with industry experts provided a deeper understanding of market trends and challenges faced by the biscuit manufacturing sector. The students visited VR Mall to learn about marketing strategies, how brand showrooms exhibit their products to the public and ideas related to niche marketing were exposed.