Event Details

The much-anticipated event, EDUSIGHTS 2023-24, unfolded with grandeur and enthusiasm, focusing on the theme "The Entrepreneurial Adventure: Confronting Obstacles and Paving the Path Ahead" at Sacred Heart Institute of Management Studies (SHIMS), Sacred Heart College on 27th February, 2024. The inaugural session commenced with Dr. S. Sasikumar, Head of Sacred Heart Institute of Management Studies (SHIMS), delivering an insightful introductory note. His words set the stage for the enriching discussions that followed. Rev. Dr. Maria Antony Raj, SDB, Principal, Sacred Heart College extended a special note, officially declaring the commencement of EDUSIGHTS, thereby marking the beginning of a journey filled with learning and enlightenment.

The resource persons: Mr. Aravind Gopal, Managing Partner-RKG Ghee and Mrs. Deepthi Reddy, Founder of Streaks and Edible Food Chain enterprises shared their invaluable insights into the entrepreneurial landscape, shedding light on the myriad challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Their discussions encompassed effective strategies, methods and approaches to overcome these obstacles, inspiring the audience with their wealth of experience and knowledge. The valedictory session was presided over by Rev. Dr. John Borg, Controller of Examination, Sacred Heart College. His presence added gravitas to the culmination of EDUSIGHTS, marking the end of a transformative journey. Dr. S. Sasikumar. Head, Dr. Arockiamary, and Mr. Lawrence, the organizing secretaries and Dr.J.Sasiganth, Dr.R.Alexander and Mrs.DurgaVathi the organizing team meticulously executed the event.