Event Details

The invited talk titled "Stocks and Derivatives" offered a comprehensive exploration of the dynamic world of commodity and stock market trading. The event was organised in  collaboration with Ambalal Pvt. Ltd – Vellore. The session aimed to provide attendees with valuable insights and strategies to navigate the complexities of trading in today's volatile market environment.

The discussion commenced with an in-depth analysis of the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), shedding light on the diverse range of commodities traded on the platform and the factors influencing commodity prices. Expert speakers elucidated the intricacies of commodity trading, including market trends, price forecasting techniques, and risk management strategies, empowering attendees to make informed trading decisions and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the commodity market.

The Department signed an MoU with the organization to enhance students’ knowledge in the areas of stocks and derivatives. The invited talk provided attendees with a comprehensive overview of key topics in commodity and stock market trading, empowering them with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the complexities of today's financial markets successfully. By addressing MCX trading, stock trading, derivatives, and stock management, the session equipped attendees with practical insights to enhance their trading skills and achieve greater financial prosperity.