Event Details

The Valedictory of Groups and Movements, Associations, CQC and Outreach Programme were held on 23rd February 2024 at 3.00pm in Kamarajar Arangam. The event began with a prayer song led by Mr. Henston, Department of English and the college choir.  


Rev. Dr. K.A Maria Arokiaraj SDB, Additional Principal, delivered an insightful presentation on the dynamics of the day, guiding attendees through the planned activities and their significance and also he honoured the esteemed chief guests, Mr. Felix raja and Dr. Prasanna and their significant contributions. Their presence added prestige to the occasion, and his achievements were celebrated with utmost reverence. 


The event continued with the release of News Letter by Rev. Dr. Samson Shanmugam SDB, the Extension Director, he addressed the audience, offering insights and inspiration. Additionally, the much-awaited newsletter was released, containing valuable updates and highlights followed by Mr. Sebastian, Assistant Director, Extension Service, an esteemed member of the educational institution with his expertise in quality management and dedication to academic excellence and he provided valuable insights into the initiatives and achievements in this area. Following it a special video presentation was given by Mrs. Savitha. She a presented comprehensive report pertaining to various associations, providing insights into their activities and accomplishments.

Mr. Sebastian, Assistant Director of DEEDS, facilitated a video presentation showcasing the outreach efforts and achievements, offering a visual representation of impactful initiatives. Rev. Dr. Samson Shanmugam SDB, Vice Principal (Admin), presented reports detailing the progress and endeavors of various groups and movements, underscoring their contributions to the community followed by the YSR & IVDP, SHC Team presented comprehensive reports outlining the endeavors and outcomes of the YSR & IVDP initiatives. The dignitaries, including Mr. Rajkumar, Dr. Govindan, and Dr. Devi, then laid down the insignia, symbolizing commitment and dedication and facilitated the prize distribution ceremony, recognizing outstanding achievements and contributions.

Mr.A.Felix Raja M.A., delivered an insightful address, sharing wisdom and encouragement with the audience. A vibrant dance performance by the Department of Tamil added an enchanting cultural touch to the event, captivating the audience with their artistry and talent.

Ms. Edith Melody delivered the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of the Valedictory of Groups and Movements. He thanked the organizing committee, performers, and everyone present for making the event a memorable one. The program was meticulously organized by Rev Dr. Shanmugam, Vice Principal (Admin).