Event Details

The Invited Talk on “An introduction to Literary Criticism” was organized by the Department of English (Literature, Shift-I) on 1st February, 2024. The event commenced with a prayer song to invoke God’s blessings. The resource person for the event was Dr. S. Sivachandrakumar. Assistant Professor of Tamil, Sacred Heart College. The session aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of literary criticism, its various types and its significance in the field of literature. The speaker enabled the students to understand the nuances of criticism. He elaborated that criticism involves the ability to analyze, form an opinion and substantiate it with evidence. He also highlighted the different types of literary criticism, such as historical-biographical criticism, moral-philosophical criticism, and more. Each type of criticism provides a unique lens through which to analyze and interpret literary works. The Invited Talk on “An Introduction to Literary Criticism” was an enriching experience for all the students. The students actively participated in the event.