Event Details

The Annual Alumni Meet and Annual General Body Meeting was conducted on January 28, 2024, at Carreno Hall, Sacred Heart College (Autonomous). A gathering of 170 registered participants marked the occasion, transforming the college premises into a hub of nostalgia and shared experiences. The event started at 9:30 a.m. with the commencement of registrations. At 10:30 a.m., in the Main Building the alumni were allocated class rooms for department meeting. This segment provided a unique platform for alumni to share their rich expertise, experiences, and current professional positions with peers and faculty members. Department Heads and Faculty actively engaged with the accomplished alumni, soliciting valuable feedback on the curriculum and other departmental activities. The crescendo of the event reached its peak at 11:45 a.m. with the commencement of the Annual General Body Meeting, a session seamlessly blended with a refreshing tea break. The gathering resonated with the soulful notes of "The Dream of Don Bosco," setting the stage for Mr. D. Madhiazagan, Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of Bargur Constituency and an esteemed alumnus, to preside as the Special Guest. Mr. A. Gopinathen, Vice President (Senior), extended a warm welcome to the assembly, with both the Special Guest and the Management being honored by the Alumni Association Executive Committee. Dr. C.R. Christi Anandan, Secretary of the Sacred Heart College Alumni Association, delivered the comprehensive annual report for the year 2023-24. Following this, Mr. Nicola Prakash, Treasurer, presented the financial report. Dr. S.M. Krishnan then graced the occasion with a presidential address, expressing heartfelt gratitude to the management for their unwavering support to the Alumni Association. Rev. Dr. D. Maria Antony Raj SDB, Principal and Past Pupils Delegate, took the stage to acknowledge and appreciate the significant participation of alumni. He shared recent developments of the college, including prestigious rankings and updates on the 5th Cycle of NAAC assessment. Rev. Dr. Praveen Peter SDB, Rector and Secretary encouraged alumni to organize their classmates, contributing to the success of the approaching Platinum Jubilee. He highlighted various initiatives, including scholarship schemes, midday meals, and a newly established breakfast program actively supporting underprivileged students. Mr. D. Madhiazagan, MLA of Bargur Constituency, delivered a special address, reminiscing about the college's growth and its commitment to supporting the less fortunate. He commended the college's initiatives, including scholarships, student-friendly interactions, concern for the poor, and the management's support for COVID-affected patients.

The event took a delightful turn with a captivating dance performance by current students, offering entertainment and joy to the gathering. Subsequently, alumni members enthusiastically shared their experiences, with Rev. Dr. Praveen Peter SDB, Rector and Secretary, moderating the session. Their collective sentiment emphasized the pivotal role of Sacred Heart College in shaping their growth and success. Mr. Thangamani, the past president of SHC Alumni Association, expressed sincere thanks to all participants, the management, and Executive Committee members for the seamless and successful execution of the program. A picturesque group photo captured the memorable occasion at the Volleyball gallery, and a sumptuous meal served at the Don Bosco Indoor Stadium brought the event to a delightful conclusion.