Event Details


1. Dr. A. Albert Irudayaraj - Vice-Principal and Head of the Department of Physics.

2. Dr. D.   Leslin - Head of the Department of History.

The retirement function held at Kamrajar Arangam on February 1st, 2024, was a heartfelt and memorable event celebrating the distinguished careers of two esteemed individuals - Dr.A. Albert Irudayaraj and Dr. D. Leslin. The program commenced with a soulful prayer song led by Harish and his team, setting a reflective and serene tone for the event. Rev. Dr. Gandhi Kallarasan, the Campus Minister, then guided the audience through a prayer service, creating a spiritual atmosphere. Rev. Dr. Praveen Peter, the Secretary of the college, welcomed everyone and commenced the formal proceedings. He delivered a warm welcome address, acknowledging the invaluable contributions of the retirees to the institution. He recalled their service and highlighted their achievements during their tenures. The felicitation ceremony was led by Rev. Dr. Theophil Anand, the Vice – Principal, honouring the retirees for their dedication and hard work. The teaching and non-teaching staff, along with the students, expressed their gratitude and admiration for the retirees in a touching felicitation segment. A poignant video presentation took the audience on a nostalgic journey through the careers and memories of the retirees.

            The retirees, Dr. A. Albert Irudayaraj and Dr. Leslin, then shared their thoughts and experiences in heartfelt speeches. Their words resonated with gratitude and nostalgia, providing a glimpse into the impact they had on the institution. Dr. Leslin, in his congratulatory message, appreciated his former colleagues for their transformative contributions to the college. He emphasized the importance of striving for positive change, drawing inspiration from Don Bosco and Jesus, and encouraged youngsters to be grateful for everything and declared the establishment of two scholarships, leaving a lasting legacy at the institution. Dr. Albert Irudayaraj shared his past experiences, expressing gratitude to everyone at Sacred Heart College and his teachers. He thanked the students for their support. A delightful dance performance by girls from the Physics department and a medley by Harish and his team added a touch of entertainment, reverberating the audience down memory lane and creating a joyful atmosphere. The program concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by professor Daniel Lawerence, Department of Physics, expressing gratitude to all who made the event possible and memorable. The retirees' speeches and the entire program reflected a deep sense of appreciation, gratitude, and camaraderie, making the retirement function a memorable and touching event for all present.