Event Details

The Department of Commerce (Shift I) organized the Seminar on “Digital India – Revolutionizing the Industrial Sectors” on 18th November, 2023. The programme was intended to create awareness among the students on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how the industrial world has been changed by various AI tools and to make them to get ready to use these technologies. The resource person for the seminar was Dr. J. Anthony Gruze Thangaraj, Professor and Head, Post Graduate and Research Department of Commerce, Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain First Grade College, Karnataka. In his presentation and speech, he explained the various AI tools and how they could be used carefully in business, industry and commerce. He shared plenty of cases on how to start by learning the basics, exploring online courses or tutorials and keep up with industry news, experiment with tools, and join communities or forums to discuss and learn from others. About 200 students attended the seminar and actively participated by interacting with the resource person.