Event Details

The Six Weeks of Entrepreneurship Development Programme (8th December 2023 to 23rd January 2024) was conducted by the Department of Extension Education and Services, Sacred Heart College(Autonomous) Tirupattur. The event commenced at 10:00 am with the resonant rendition of the Tamil Thai Valthu. The event was graced by esteemed dignitaries who contributed their insights and expertise to enrich the entrepreneurial knowledge of the participants. The ceremony commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by the chief guest, setting an auspicious tone for the day.

Dr. D. Shanmugam, SDB, Director of DEEDS, Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur, delivered the welcome address, extending a warm reception to the gathering. Mr. A. Ravi Kumar, Assistant Director of MSME-DFO, Guindy, Chennai, provided an insightful orientation about the programme, setting the stage for the day's agenda.

Mr. P. Nicola Prakash, Head and Faculty of the District Resource Centre for Panchayat, Tirupattur, extended felicitations, acknowledging the collaborative efforts towards fostering entrepreneurship in the region. Finally Mr. M. Aruldoss, Family Counsellor, DEEDS, Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur, delivered a gracious vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all contributors and participants for their active engagement in the enlightening programme.

The event emerged as a comprehensive platform, bringing together key stakeholders and experts to empower and inspire budding entrepreneurs in Tirupattur. The diverse range of sessions, from the inaugural addresses to the insightful orientation, created a holistic learning experience for all participants, fostering a spirit of innovation and enterprise in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.