Event Details

In a significant stride towards fostering inclusive economic growth and promoting entrepreneurship among marginalized communities, the MSME Development and Facilitation Office has taken a pioneering step by organizing the Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme specifically tailored for Scheduled Caste (SC) candidates. This transformative initiative, held at the esteemed DB Centre in Tirupattur on November 23, 2023, seeks to illuminate the path to entrepreneurship for individuals belonging to the SC community.

            The event commenced with the soul-stirring Tamilthai Valthu prayer song and the ceremonial lighting of the Kuthuvilaku by the esteemed Chief Guest. Dr. D. Shanmugam, SDB, Director of DEEDS at Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur, delivered a warm welcome, setting the stage for a day focused on empowering and enlightening aspiring entrepreneurs. Following the welcome, Mr. A. Ravikumar, Assistant Director of MSME-DFO, Guindy, Chennai, provided a comprehensive orientation about the programme, laying out the objectives and structure for the day.

The inaugural and presidential address was delivered by Dr. E. Baskaran, General Manager of the District Industries Centre (DIC), Tirupattur. His speech emphasized the pivotal role of entrepreneurship in local development and economic growth. Special addresses from Mrs. Rajashri, District Manager of TAHDCO, Tirupattur, and Mr. K. Rajan, Lead District Manager of Indian Bank, Tirupattur, added depth to the program by shedding light on the various support systems available to budding entrepreneurs. The felicitation address came from Mr P. Nicola Prakash, Head and Faculty of the District Resource Centre for Panchayats, Tirupattur and the President of the District Industrial Association, Tirupattur, further solidifying the collaborative spirit of the initiative.


The District Industries Centre (DIC) under the leadership of Mr. Baskaran, the General Manager, plays a crucial role in promoting industrial development in Tirupattur. He gave a talk about the DIC Subsidy Schemes which are likely initiatives aimed at providing financial incentives and support to local businesses. These subsidies may include benefits for startups, expansion, and modernization of industries, fostering entrepreneurship and economic growth within the district.


Mr B. Rajendiren, as the Regional Project Manager for TAHDCO in Tirupattur, is likely involved in overseeing support schemes tailored for entrepreneurs. He briefly talks about the TAHDCO, the Tamil Nadu Adi Dravidar Housing and Development Corporation Limited, offering financial and other assistance to entrepreneurs from marginalized communities, and promoting inclusivity and empowerment through entrepreneurial initiatives.

The Lead District Manager from Indian Bank in Tirupattur spoke about banking support and financial assistance available to entrepreneurs. He also talks about various government-backed schemes such as STAND-UP INDIA, TN START-UP, and MUTHRA. These initiatives likely involve providing loans, credit facilities, and financial guidance to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to facilitate their business ventures.

Mr. P. Nicola Prakash, as the Head and Faculty of the District Resource Centre for Panchayats in Tirupattur, gave a lecture about handholding support for entrepreneurs, which involves mentorship, training, and guidance throughout the entrepreneurial journey, helping individuals navigate challenges and enhance their skills for sustainable business development.

Mr. A. Ravikumar, serving as the Assistant Director at MSME-DFO in Guindy, Chennai, gave a speech on schemes and programs targeted at Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). These initiatives are designed to foster the growth of MSMEs, offering financial support, skill development, and access to markets to boost the overall contribution of MSMEs to the local and regional economy.

Mr. Suresh Rajan associated with SEEDS Trust, gave a brief introduction about the SEEDS Trust which was a non-governmental organisation in Tirupattur. He explained its functions which motivated the entrepreneurs.

The programme reached its patriotic culmination with the National Anthem, symbolizing a united commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and economic empowerment in the SC community in Tirupattur. Overall, the event served as an enriching platform for knowledge dissemination and networking, aligning with the mission of the MSME Development and Facilitation Office.