Sacred Heart Accompaniment Programme of Education (SHAPE)     

The SHAPE is a holistic formation plan for the undergraduate students in Sacred Heart College. The Salesian System of Education has a unique way of mentoring, which is by accompanying the young by Salesians and teachers. Faculty members play a crucial role in the success of students and at every stage of the student life. As followers of Don Bosco, the staff accompany the students by being present among them. The mentors direct their thoughts, words and deeds towards the positive development and reduce their attention towards the negative perspectives of life. Every mentor tries to lead the mentees to become good citizens of the Nation. The SHAPE is designed for a staff member to accompany a group of about 8 students from each year to take responsibility for their own growth. The respective staff will help the allotted students for three years in their journey of shaping themselves. It is not a substitute for the counseling programme.
A systematic analysis was carried out to understand the effectiveness of SHAPE with the following objectives in mind.